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  • Make bubbles in Fireworks

    This is an easy tutorial of making bubbles with few filters in Fireworks.

    Step 1 On a new canvas, make a circle and fill in with a linear gradeint.

    -Use colors #FFFFFF and #00CCFF

    Step 2 Lower the opacity of the circle to 30.

    Step 3 Click the "Filters" and use "Inner Bevel". Set the value as shown.
    The circle should look like this so far.
    Step 4 Click the "Filters" and use "Inner Glow". Set value as shown

    And you are done!

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    Stylish Cropping in Photoshop

    Crop pictures with style by using quick mask. Simple, yet effective!

    Step 1 Prepare a photo that you want to crop.

    Step 2 On layers tab (F7), drag and drop the "background" over the "create new layer".

    - this creates a copy of the background

    Step 3 Click the copied the layer and press (Alt+Delete). Make sure the color is white.

    -this creates a background for the cropped image.

    Step 4 Click Quick Mask and choose a brush (f5) that you want to style the cropping.

    - messy brushes are more effective than round brushes :)

    Step 5 Color over the part that you want to crop in any style.

    Step 6 Lower the opacity of the brush and retouch the edges for natural looks.

    Step 7 Release the Quick Mask and press (Delete), and you will have a cropped image.

    And you are done!

    crop with beauty and style now :)

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    Simple vintage sky effect

    This is a short tutorial of making vintage sky effect in Photoshop.

    Step 1
    Prepare a beautiful picture of clouds.

    Step 2
    Press (Ctrl+M) or (Image - Adjustments - Curves) to open curves.

    Step 3 Select the "Channel" to Red and lift the curve as shown.

    The color of the cloud will change from white to a pink tone as shown below.

    Step 4 Select the "Channel" to Blue and drop the curve as shown.

    Control the curve for deeper/lighter colors.

    And you are done!

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