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  • Make Mona Lisa blink or wink!

    Learn how to create bliking or winking eyes!

    Step 1
    Grab a beautiful portrait of Mona Lisa.

    Step 2
    Drag the "Background" over the layer icon to duplictate the background.

    Step 3
    Select the "Background Copy" and enter Filter > Liquidify or (shift+ctrl+x).

    Then select the Freeze Mask Tool (F)

    Step 4
    With the Freeze Mask tool, carefully go around the eyes.

    Use Thaw Mask Tool if you made any mistakes.

    - Leave a little gap between the eye brows and the eyes for Warp tool.

    Step 5
    Select Forward Warp Tool (W), and gently push down the eyes as shown.

    - If you want winking, just push down one eye.

    Step 6
    Press OK and escape the Liquidfy filter.

    Use the Dodge Tool (O) for finishing touch.

    Step 7 Go back to Filter > Liquidify and use Forward Warp Tool as shown.

    - This is to give natural looks when the picture blinks.

    Left should be your original "Background", and "Background copy" at right.

    Step 8 Go to Window > Animation to make GIF animation.

    Step 9
    Click "Duplicates selected frames" and turn the visibility off as shown.

    Step 10 Duplicate another frame and this time turn the visibility on.

    Also set the delay time to 0.5 seconds.

    Step 11
    Go to File > Save for Web & Devices and press save.

    (make sure the preset is GIF)

    And you are done!

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    Make bubbles in Fireworks

    This is an easy tutorial of making bubbles with few filters in Fireworks.

    Step 1 On a new canvas, make a circle and fill in with a linear gradeint.

    -Use colors #FFFFFF and #00CCFF

    Step 2 Lower the opacity of the circle to 30.

    Step 3 Click the "Filters" and use "Inner Bevel". Set the value as shown.
    The circle should look like this so far.
    Step 4 Click the "Filters" and use "Inner Glow". Set value as shown

    And you are done!

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    Stylish Cropping in Photoshop

    Crop pictures with style by using quick mask. Simple, yet effective!

    Step 1 Prepare a photo that you want to crop.

    Step 2 On layers tab (F7), drag and drop the "background" over the "create new layer".

    - this creates a copy of the background

    Step 3 Click the copied the layer and press (Alt+Delete). Make sure the color is white.

    -this creates a background for the cropped image.

    Step 4 Click Quick Mask and choose a brush (f5) that you want to style the cropping.

    - messy brushes are more effective than round brushes :)

    Step 5 Color over the part that you want to crop in any style.

    Step 6 Lower the opacity of the brush and retouch the edges for natural looks.

    Step 7 Release the Quick Mask and press (Delete), and you will have a cropped image.

    And you are done!

    crop with beauty and style now :)

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    Simple vintage sky effect

    This is a short tutorial of making vintage sky effect in Photoshop.

    Step 1
    Prepare a beautiful picture of clouds.

    Step 2
    Press (Ctrl+M) or (Image - Adjustments - Curves) to open curves.

    Step 3 Select the "Channel" to Red and lift the curve as shown.

    The color of the cloud will change from white to a pink tone as shown below.

    Step 4 Select the "Channel" to Blue and drop the curve as shown.

    Control the curve for deeper/lighter colors.

    And you are done!

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