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  • Make bubbles in Fireworks

    This is an easy tutorial of making bubbles with few filters in Fireworks.

    Step 1 On a new canvas, make a circle and fill in with a linear gradeint.

    -Use colors #FFFFFF and #00CCFF

    Step 2 Lower the opacity of the circle to 30.

    Step 3 Click the "Filters" and use "Inner Bevel". Set the value as shown.
    The circle should look like this so far.
    Step 4 Click the "Filters" and use "Inner Glow". Set value as shown

    And you are done!


    Anonymous said...

    Thanks This is great!

    Allan Michael said...

    December 15, 2008
    Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

    This is an ingenious method of creating a very nice effect that has plenty of uses.
    My hat is off to lonoy for providing a terrific tutorial.


    janvier said...

    You rock man! How do you add trailing patterns ?

    Anonymous said...

    Thank you. Quick and easy to understand.

    Anonymous said...

    Very cool. Thank you!